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Are you looking for Digital Marketing as a career?

From a graphics designer to a Facebook manager, digital marketing offers a vast choice of career opportunities,
from small-scale companies to well-set-up businesses.

Whether you are looking to start a career or want to make a shift in your growth path, then digital marketing is the correct way to do it. As per recent trends and research, it has been clarified that the field of digital marketing is among the fastest-growing industries.

Choosing the right digital marketing institute is essential to gain knowledge and enter the field of digital marketing. The Career Shapers is among the best digital marketing institutes as we use advanced technology to make the concepts of digital marketing easy to understand for all students as well as help them to make the best choices in their careers.

Our Mission

We are not only envisioned to spread awareness about the various career opportunities that come along with the knowledge of Digital Marketing, but we also focus on empowering the youth and business profiles to attain a higher level of efficiency in conducting their work effectively.

  • The Career Shapers runs with the mission to upskill the knowledge of digital marketing of each student. The Career Shapers also aims to close the gap in digital marketing skills by providing students with cutting-edge digital marketing training.
  • The Career Shapers has over a decade of experience in digital marketing coaching, and with great pride, we say that we are among the best digital marketing training institutes in Delhi. The Career Shapers also holds a record of excellent placement to all certified students and aims to do the same in the future.

Our Vision

The Career Shapers runs with a clear vision of standardizing the level of competencies in the digital marketing industry by enhancing each student’s knowledge about digital marketing.

  • The Career Shapers carries over a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing coaching and aims to be the best by introducing each student to the most advanced methods of digital marketing. We have partnered with numerous digital marketing agencies, and through our digital marketing courses in Delhi, we have provided excellent placement to all certified students.
  • We neither believe in nor support rote learning; all the sessions of The Career Shapers include live projects as well as assignments to increase the level of understanding of students about digital marketing. The Career Shapers also holds an unshakeable record of 100% placement and helps all students to enter the best digital marketing companies.

Our Mission and Vission

We’ve brought together various renowned faces and experts of the industry to come up with a Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi that gives you the knowledge rare to find in books and on the Internet.

  • Limited Batch Size for Quality Education
  • Learning Digital Marketing in a Company Environment
  • Felicitation Ceremony on Successful Completion of the Course
  • Multiple Batches for your ease – Weekend & Weekday
  • Dedicated Practical Session After Every Class
  • Classes By Experts having 12+ Years of MNC Experience

The Career Shapers Is raising the standard of digital marketing education.

Various renowned Experts from industry have come together and are contributing in
the development of an advanced training programme which will ensure that you get
the right skills.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no specific qualification required for digital marketing. Once you have been certified in digital marketing, you can enter the digital marketing field to make a career in it. Although there is no specific qualification required for digital marketing, dedication and an attitude to constant learning is required to make a stable digital marketing career.

    The field of digital marketing is among the fastest growing ones, and it has been clarified to have a bright future. Holding a digital marketing certificate can help to enter this field without any hurdles. Moreover, a digital marketing course will also provide you with all the essential knowledge and skills to make a stable career in the digital marketing field.

    No, digital marketing does not require any coding skills. Although you can use tons of tools in digital marketing, if you want to take your creativity to the next level, then the knowledge of coding will be required.

    Yes, at The Career Shapers, we provide internships and job opportunities to all certified students. The main objective of providing these opportunities is to increase the confidence of the students and to promote their knowledge about real-life challenges in the digital marketing field.

    Yes, digital marketing offers high-paying jobs as it is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. A beginner in digital marketing can earn up to 2-3 lakhs per annum. Moreover, other opportunities, such as freelancing, are also open to earning money through digital marketing.

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