Digital Marketing Institute in Sikanderpur

Digital Marketing Institute in Sikanderpur

The Career Shapers is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Sikanderpur and is acknowledged by numerous students, parents, and industry professionals. We provide specially tailored digital marketing courses in Sikanderpur that help each individual to develop absolute digital marketing skills.

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    Digital Marketing Institute in Sikanderpur

    The Career Shapers is a respectable digital marketing institute in Sikanderpur and holds the record of 100% placement. The courses of The Career Shapers are specially tailored to help students upgrade their knowledge of the world of digital marketing and become a valuable part of the industry. By the end of the curriculum, students will have strong command over digital marketing tools and strategies and will be prepared to become a part of the vast field by contributing their skills and knowledge.

    We provide state-of-the-art classrooms with modernly designed furnishings and tailored programs that are delivered by industry experts. The Career Shapers is open to everyone, and anyone can attend the live classes at one of the best digital marketing institutes in Sikanderpur. The advanced teaching methods of The Career Shapers help individuals to increase their knowledge and earn one of the most reputable certificates in the sector.

    Call Us: +91 99991 17779

    Advance Digital Marketing Course Content

    We are providing 16 Modules in our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi: We have divided internet marketing training content into 28 parts. Our Internet marketing Training in Delhui course content is specially desined for newbies and beginner for better carrer.

    • What is Marketing?
    • Marketing vs Digital Marketing
    • Various Digital Marketing Platforms?
    • Market Analysis?
    • Scope of Digital Marketing?
    • What is advertising?
    • Difference between traditional and Digital Marketing
    • What are domain names and different extensions?
    • What is web hosting?
    • Different types of web hosting
    • How to purchase a domain name and hosting
    • What are name servers, and how to use them?
    • What is cPanel and its dashboard?
    • What is WordPress and its installation?
    • Understanding the WordPress dashboard
    • How to set the appearance of your website
    • How to use the editor tool in WordPress
    • How to add a Post / Page in WordPress
    • Installing all the necessary plugins in WordPress 1
    • How to add and optimize images in WordPress
    • Research the niche
    • How to write the seo friendly content
    • How to check plagiarism and copied content
    • Content tools
    • How to write blogs
    • Scriptwriting (specifically for video)
    • Introduction
    • The Value of Social media
    • Social Media Right Practices
    • Find the Right Network for You
    • Sales funnel creation


    • Creating strong Profiles on Facebook
    • How Facebook ads work
    • Different types of Facebook ads
    • Understanding each Facebook ad type in detail
    • Understanding the interests of your niche
    • Database Management
    • F.B. Marketing Plugins
    • Facebook ad policies


    • Creating profile
    • How LinkedIn ads work
    • Product and Brand Promotion activities
    • LinkedIn marketing Plugins
    • Data Management

    Twitter Marketing

    • Twitter for Business
    • Retweet hacks
    • Hashtag clever use
    • Strategy for Twitter marketing
    • Implementation step by step decoded
    • Why do blogging and its scope
    • What is a niche, and how to think of one
    • Keyword Research Process
    • Basic guidelines of Google for bloggers
    • What is keyword density, and how to use it?
    • What are sitemaps?
    • What are and robots.txt?
    • External and internal linking in a website
    • What are Google Algorithm Updates?
    • How to recover from Google Algorithm updates
    • What is Google Sandbox?
    • What is performance marketing?
    • Difference between performance marketing and digital marketing
    • Scope of performance marketing
    • Performance marketing channel (Social Media, S.E.M.)
    • Niche research.
    • How to find products (tools and methods).
    • How to set up an e-commerce website (WordPress and Shopify).
    • How to upload a product on a website.
    • How to make a product page that converts.
    • How to find a supplier.
    • Promoting products on sales channels ( Facebook & google ads).
    • Maintaining brand online presence.
    • Understanding unit economics.
    • Scaling strategies and methods.
    • What is Email Marketing?
    • How Email Marketing works
    • How to send bulk emails
    • How to create a funnel?
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • What are autoresponders?
    • Paid vs Free Email Marketing tools
    • Email Marketing of ecommerce websites
    • What is a Meme?
    • What is the meaning of Meme Marketing
    • How can Memes be used in marketing?
    • What is the role of Memes in digital marketing?
    • Meme Marketing Examples from Well-Known Brands
    • Benefits of Meme Marketing
    • How to build a Meme Marketing Strategy? – Meme Marketing Tips
    • Overview of Google Analytics
    • Understanding the Google Analytics dashboard
    • Understanding Google Analytics structure
    • What are bounce rate, page views, and sessions?
    • Performance Analysis
    • Applying filters and segments
    • 20. Google Search console
    • Google Search Console Overview
    • Google Webmasters structure
    • How to index your website
    • What are sitemaps, and how to create them?
    • Error tracking in Google Webmasters
    • Introduction to Google Analytics 4
    • Reporting and analysis in GA4
    • What is influencer marketing?
    • The advantages of influencer marketing
    • Different influencer marketing platforms
    • Identify the right influencer through segmentation, targeting, and positioning
    • How your customers can become your influencers
    • What is freelancing?
    • How to create a profile as a freelancer
    • Where to do freelancing
    • Canva
    • Tools of Adobe Photoshop
    • Tools of illustrator
    • Logo’s
    • Brochure
    • Flyers
    • Posts
    • Videos
    • Banners
    • Research for designs
    • What is SEO & Why do we do it?
    • How does a search engine work?
    • Keyword research and SEO
    • Google Trends & Insights
    • Search Engine Tools & services
    • Black Hat, White Hat SEO- Case Study and implementation
    • Αn Evolution of Grey Hat SEO

    On Page

    • Keyword Placement vs Keyword Stuffing
    • How to make website structure SEO friendly
    • How to avoid basic SEO mistakes
    • Using Internal linking for doing SEO
    • Site analysis
    • Google. Crawlers & bots

    Off Page

    • Competition Analysis
    • What are backlinks?
    • Various types of backlinks
    • What is and how to do link building
    • Link building strategies
    • Web 2.0
    • What are social media platforms?
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • How to create a store on Facebook and Instagram
    • Policies of social media platforms
    • Latest trend research on all social media platforms
    • Tools for hashtags and caption
    • Tools for scheduling social media posts
    • Content research for posting
    • What is Google Adwords
    • How to create a Google Adwords account
    • Know about Google Adwords Fundamentals
    • Advanced Keyword Research
    • Understanding ad position in Google Search
    • How to write engaging Ad Titles, Description
    • How to do keyword optimization
    • Search vs Display ad campaigns
    • Bidding Strategy & hacks
    • Landing Pages- all-in-one guide
    • Campaign Designing and Launching
    • Sales funnel creation
    • How to create a youtube channel
    • How to optimize the channel
    • Youtube ads
    • How to monetize your channel
    • What is Shopify
    • Planning the store
    • How to set up Shopify
    • How to add and manage Shopify collections
    • How to edit the Shopify theme
    • How to add a custom domain
    • Overview of affiliate marketing
    • C.P.A. vs affiliate marketing
    • Know about marketplaces
    • Current trends of affiliate marketing
    • organic vs Paid affiliate marketing
    • Competition analysis in affiliate marketing
    • How to protect yourself Online
    • Branding you vs branding your Product.
    • Positive and Negative Branding
    • Rebuilding brand Image
    • What is a brand?
    • Brand strategy
    • Brand management
    • How to design a marketing campaign
    • How to create a Google AdSense account.
    • How to create users in Google AdSense.
    • How to manage your personal settings in Google AdSense.
    • How to create Ads in Google AdSense.
    • How to set up Auto Ads in Google AdSense.
    • How to set up an account for google my business
    • A step-by-step guide to creating Google My Business Page
    • Understanding G.M.B. Brand page & Business Listing on Google
    • Latest updates and features of Google My Business
    • Track Google My Business Insights
    • Tools to improve Google My Business page
    • 24. Remarketing
    • What is remarketing?
    • How does remarketing work
    • Remarketing by social media
    • Remarketing by google ads
    • What is the importance of remarketing?
    • What is G.T.M.?
    • How it works
    • Importance of G.T.M.

    Who Can Join The Digital Marketing Courses in Sikanderpur?

    Our curriculum covers every aspect of digital marketing, making it a perfect choice for those who want to start their career in this field. Moreover, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business owners can also benefit by taking part in the digital marketing courses of The Career Shapers. We are regarded as one of the best digital marketing institutes in Sikanderpur, and anyone can become part of the most trending industry by enrolling in The Career Shapers.

    • Jobseeker looking for a bright career option in Sikanderpur.
    • Graduates who are looking for their first job.
    • Professionals who want to enhance their skills.
    • Professionals who are looking for a career change.
    • Small business owners who don’t want to stay small.
    • Entrepreneurs who desire to be more entrepreneurial.
    • Anyone who wants to gain a professional certification in digital marketing.

    100% Placement Guaranteed

    The Career Shapers is one of the most reputable institutes in Sikanderpur and holds the record of 100% placement. We have also partnered with numerous digital marketing agencies and have helped students to make their careers in the field of digital marketing.

    The Career Shapers has a dedicated placement cell that helps every student to make their career. Moreover, the enthusiastic members of The Career Shapers’s placement cell provide regional-based jobs and internships to each student.

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    Why Choose The Career Shapers?

    The Career Shapers is among the best digital marketing institutes in Sikanderpur and uses cutting-edge programs with advanced teaching methods that promote an easy understanding of all digital marketing concepts.

    Each of our programs also includes quizzes, mini-projects, and case studies that help students to develop absolute digital marketing knowledge and skills. Once certified, The Career Shapers also guides students through interview cracking hacks and introduces them to some of the biggest digital marketing firms to start their careers.

    Digital Marketing Institute in Sikanderpur

    At The Career Shapers, we do not support rote learning; we promote a deep understanding of the digital marketing industry through live projects and assignments. Furthermore, The Career Shapers hold the experience of over a decade as a digital marketing institute with an unshakeable record of 100% placement.

    The Career Shapers has achieved many accomplishments, and The Career Shapers has achieved many achievements through top-tier teaching methods and certified programs. With the best teaching methods and certified programs, The Career Shapers has become one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Sikanderpur. The digital marketing courses of The Career Shapers include:

    The Career Shapers Is raising the standard of digital marketing education.

    Various renowned Experts from industry have come together and are contributing in
    the development of an advanced training programme which will ensure that you get
    the right skills.

    Call Us: +91 99991 17779

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